Hi, I’m Chris Blankenship, the guy whose website this is. It’s mostly a place for me to rant blog about what’s on my mind, which is mostly technology but is sometimes other things.

I graduated from the University of Mary Washington in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and I currently work as the Infrastructure Team Lead (also SysAdmin) at Reclaim Hosting. This does not mean I know how to fix your printer. Please don’t ask me to fix your printer. I don’t know how. No one does. Anyone who says they do is lying to you.

I’ve been making music since the early 2010s, some of which I have not actively tried to scrub from the internet. I previously played bass guitar in Skumboyz (until our indefinite hiatus in 2020), and currently play bass guitar in Toxitolerant. I also have a solo thing, Einzige, where I make electronic-ish music.

In May 2014 I was ordained with the Church of the SubGenius (praise “Bob”), so I’ve got that whole legally ordained minister thing going for me as well.

You can use the contact form below to reach out, but like, only if you really need to. Like, if you want to book my band or hire me for freelance tech work or something. Anything else can go to /dev/null.